Martial Arts At Home – Can You Practice Martial Arts At Home Effectively?

When you start martial arts at first it can often become a bit overwhelming. There are so many new skills to learn, combat, techniques and many other items. Once you have been going to your martial arts school though for some time, then you will come to a certain point where you feel that you need more practice. Invariably lessons are only one or two times per week and for the dedicated student that if often not sufficient.

What many martial artists do is to setup their own ‘kung fu gym’. You could do this in the basement, garage or even spare bedroom. What is important is to ensure that you have enough room available for your training. It’s not like lifting weight or going on a step machine, with martial arts you need plenty of room in the vicinity to swing your legs and body about so to speak.

So how should you get your own gym started at home? Try not to choose an area with a concrete or wooden floor; this is because you could very well injure yourself whilst practicing your routines. If you have no choice regarding your floor then make sure you have plenty of gym mats put down. Just watch yourself if you are throwing a partner on the floor as you would in the martial arts school, a home gym is not as forgiving.

For best results it is a good idea to outfit your new space with mirrors on the wall. This way you can see what you are doing and that you are practicing your techniques and routines correctly. Decide what your goals and accomplishments are during your home workouts. If you want to build extra strength for an upcoming test, then purchase a good set of free weights to help you with that. If your goal is to increase flexibility then you just need enough space in your chosen area to be able to practice stretching exercises.

By having a home gym you are giving yourself the best chance in trying to develop your martial arts career. I think it is a good ides to be able to have a fellow student who perhaps you get on well with and lives local to you, to be able to come and help with his and your training needs. Two people is always better than one when training for a test for example. The tests are always very strict on how you perform your routine and having the correct form so having a fellow student there on hand to keep you on check will do wonders for your training.