Practicing the Art of Writing Titles that Sell

Any bookseller, best selling author, publisher or editor knows that people do judge a book by its cover and good titles, sell books. Thus, if you want to sell your books you need to carefully consider a title that will capture the reader or book buyers attention, and you have about exactly 2-seconds to do that, as they scan the shelves for potential books to buy.

Will your title sell? One thing all authors should do is practice writing titles to get the hang of it, look at these titles I put together below, which ones jump out at you?

Taking Over the World, But When –

The Future of Artificial Intelligence at a Cross Roads

The Quotient of All Fears

The Dooms Day Reality and Probability Disaster from a Comet, Meteor, Asteroid Strike Taking Out Our Home Planet

Computer, Human or Both?

The Future Technology of Computer-Brain Interfaces, are You Scared Yet?

Wake Turbulence and Hard Economic Landings

Considering the Economics of the 21st Century

The Ultimate Model to Unite the World in a Common Cause –

Examining the Modern Day Franchise System in Search of a Global Peace for the Next 1,000 Years

Is My Flying Car in My Future Garage?

Automotive Technologies of the Future, a realistic look into the Science and Technology of Our Personal Transportation

Future Aviation Technologies

A Look Over the Horizon of the aircraft and airports of the Future

The Best is Yet to Come and the Time Has Come

Future Concepts and Technologies Discussed without Boundaries

Growing Our Own Fuel

The Switch to E85 Ethanol – The Reality, Politics and Viability

Killing Hurricanes and Weather Control Technologies

Modern Technology Meets Science Fiction and Man Now Has the Tools to Play God

LED Lighting of the Future

How the Revolutionary Technologies of LED Lighting are Going to Secretly Change our Future

MAVs – Micro Air Vehicles of the Future

Unmanned Aircraft the Size of a Model Airplane, Your Hand or Even An Insect are Now a Reality, but What Comes Next Will Shock You

Stopping Locust Plagues

One of the Biggest Ancient Fears of Humankind will Soon Be Conquered, Learn the Secrets to the Science and Technology Behind the Plan

Pure Opinion Politics (3-Volumes)

Discover the Secrets Behind All You Think You Know About Modern Day Politics in the News

RFID and the Future

Rapid Advances in RFID Tags are About to Solve Many Challenges of Humankind, Yet Caution is Also Warned of an Potential Eventuality that Has Some Folks Sacred as Hell

Robotics of the Future

Artificially Intelligent Androids Created by Man to Serve is the Ultimate Goal of Robotic Engineers, but Some Fear it is the Last Mistake Humans will Make

The All Sensing All Knowing SmartDust of the Future

When the Dust Becomes Part of a Net Centric System Communicating in Real-Time There will Be No Secrets Between Us

Smart Garages of the Future

The Smart House of the Future Moves to the Garage, Learn