The Versatile Garage and How to Get the Most Use Out of It

No longer is the garage an area simply to park your car. Though initially that has been its purpose, many people, have assigned its use to numerous purposes. In fact, whenever most folks have considered a place to live, whether or not it had a garage was a key element in the decision to move to a particular location.

The garage has made a wonderful work area where art projects and furniture refinishing could be completed. During wet weather or super cold temperatures, the materials or workman could work inside without discomfort or damage to the project.

When space is at a premium, this area is a great place where kids activities can take place. There have been many band practices, afternoons of ping pong or work on go carts and bicycle repairs. Not to mention the pre-teen/teen social activities on the weekends, where they can be close by, and yet still feel they are in their own element.

Probably the best double duty for the garage is the studio apartment. The best arrangement for this is a detached one; with the incorporating of a few additional items such as shower, toilet and apartment size stove and fridge. There have been numbers of mother in laws and father-in-laws as well as grown sons and daughters who have occupied a studio apartment that once housed the family’s four wheels.

Sometimes you can see a garage that appears to be doing nothing but provide storage space. There are boxes and boxes of items from wall to wall, front to back. These are items that should have been tossed out some time ago, but due to sentimental value, the folks just can’t seem to part with them. If they ever decide to get rid of that stuff, undoubtedly would be the yard sale junkie’s pleasure.

The nice part about a garage is that it can become anything its owner needs it to be. Because it provides such potential, its many uses can be as creative as the individual’s imagination and can be accomplished quickly with little expense, depending on the double duty it will be called upon to perform. It has definitely become an important part of today’s housing concept.

The size of the area can limit the potential use and function it might be called upon to serve. The single car type is hardly large enough to house a standard sized vehicle, and makes you wonder if the builder really intended one to park there. The larger type, three to five car specials, can provide greater capacity for use and you almost feel it a shame that all that space go to waste just for the car.